Why HV?

Why HV?

The Heritage Valley Difference

Times Change. Integrity Doesn't.

Over the years, we've learned that while times may change and technologies may change the way you access your banking - the needs of having a trusted financial partner, has not. We've specialized in serving those needs since 1935 and in all that time, here's what we know for sure. There's nothing that replaces truly listening to someone and there are no shortcuts to developing great relationships and building trust.

That is why we understand that life happens and everyone has a story beyond just what is on paper. So we here at Heritage Valley demonstrate the difference in how we listen to our members and our continued dedication to your financial well-being. You may have a perfect credit history or you may have had some bumps along the way. In either case, we invite you to get to know Heritage Valley and make banking effortless, so you can concentrate on other important things. Between working, raising a family and everything else, the last thing you need to worry about is money management. Heritage Valley provides services that take the stress out of your day-to-day and month-to-month finances.

Times do change and technology may transform the way we operate, but it will never change who we are or our commitment to make banking as effortless as possible for you.

If you're already a member, we thank you. Your membership is very important to us, and we appreciate you trusting us with your financial future.

If you're interested in membership, congratulations! You're about to join York County's premier community credit union. We invite you to explore our loans, accounts and services and then open an account online or at one of our branch locations.

We're here to make your banking experience effortless so you can go on with your day confidently.  We think you'll love the difference.

Our History

Over three-quarters of a century ago, a few astute people at the York Ice and Machinery Company had a vision to strengthen financial futures. They saw the potential of uniting human dedication and financial resources for a greater good. That continues to be the heart of Heritage Valley Federal Credit Union today.

Throughout the years, we were enabled to expand our field of membership to well over 200 companies, their employees and immediate family members. Today, after opening our membership up to the York County community, HV is nearly 11,000 members strong and provides the York County area with low-cost deposit and loan products and services to anyone that lives, works, worships or goes to school in York County, Pennsylvania.

We Stand by Our Mission

Heritage Valley Federal Credit Union is a member-owned progressive financial cooperative committed to the basic credit union philosophy: "Not for profit, not for charity, but for service". We shall continue to provide a full range of financial services while maintaining a constant openness to our members changing financial needs. We seek to become the primary financial institution for our membership while promoting financial stability and growth.

Can I Join/Open an Account?

Most likely, YES! If you live, work, worship or go to school in York County, Pennsylvania, you are eligible for membership at Heritage Valley Federal Credit Union. If you live outside of York County, but are related to a current member, you are also eligible. Belong to something local. Something bigger than banking. Something you can call your own. Join HV