For your protection, we limit your daily transactions on your credit card to 9.  If your credit card was lost or stolen, the access to fraudulent transactions would be limited.

Credit Card FAQs

What is the standard interest rate?

Our Platinum VISA® is designed to offer the lowest possible rate based on your credit. Your interest rate will be the fixed rate we quote you at the time of your card approval. Our fixed rates range between 10.90-17.90%. Simply put…the higher your score, the lower the rate and best of all, as your score improves over time, you may have the opportunity to further reduce your rate as a reward for your good payment history.

Credit Card Agreement

Credit Card Rate
HV Platinum VISA® 10.90%-17.90% APR
(based on creditworthiness)

Do you offer an introductory rate?

Yes! On all new cards, we offer an Introductory Rate as low as 2.9% APR for the first 6-months from date of account opening on all purchases. After the introductory period ends, the standard purchase APR will be applied to unpaid introductory balances and new purchases.

Do you offer rewards?

Yes! We offer a FREE rewards program that offers both name-brand merchandise and travel rewards. Visit our 'Rewards' page to learn more.

What is ScoreCard or ScoreMore?

ScoreCard or ScoreMore refers to our FREE Credit Card Rewards Program offered as a standard feature of our HV Platinum VISA® Credit Card. Visit our 'Rewards' page to learn more.

Can I transfer balances from other cards?

Yes. It is as simple as:
1. Gather account information for the credit cards you plan to pay off, including outstanding balances.

2. Complete this form: Balance Transfer Form 

3. We will deposit the funds into your checking account within one business day.

How can I make my VISA® payment?

Making payments couldn't be simpler or more convenient! Make payments:

Do you offer VISA® discounts?

Take advantage of exclusive VISA® discounts at the places you already shop. Your HV VISA® credit or debit card qualifies you for unique offers from a variety of retailers. 

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Are there other card benefits?

Yes. The HV Platinum VISA® card features service benefits at no extra cost, including: 
  • Auto Rental Insurance
  • $500,000 Travel Accident Life Insurance Coverage
  • Warranty Manager Service
  • Travel and Emergency Assistance
  • Verified By VISA is also available, providing additional security when shopping online. 
  • We also offer VISA Discounts a FREE benefit that allows you to receive discounts from national retailers, saving you money on major purchases and even travel. 

Is there an annual fee?

No. Some financial institutions charge annual credit card fees as high as $30 or more, but not at Heritage Valley FCU. There is NO annual fee whatsoever. All you pay are any interest charges you accrue. That's it!

Is there a grace period?

Yes. To help you cut your credit card cost even further, your HV VISA features a 25-day interest-free grace period on purchases from statement closing date.

Can I access my VISA® account information online?

Yes. You can view your VISA® account information online at www.eZCardInfo.com. Here you can view statement history, view current balance and payment information, view current and historical transaction activity, make a payment and view payment history, find contact information, and download account transactions into multiple formats.

Can I get cash advances?

Yes. In addition to charging purchases, your VISA credit card permits you to get ready cash-just about anywhere you need it. Unlike other institutions, there is no fee for cash advances (finance charges do apply). There's no special arrangement to repay. Cash advances show up on your monthly statement along with your purchases. You may also contact HV to request your own Personal Identification Number (PIN), which will allow you to make cash withdrawals at ATMs worldwide which display the VISA® network symbol.

Can I use my HV VISA® for overdraft protection?

No. VISA accounts cannot be used for overdraft protection. Our standard share account overdraft sequence and Overdraft Protection products are currently in effect. Please refer to your membership materials or contact us for more information.

Is the HV VISA® accepted worldwide?

Yes. The VISA® credit card is highly recognized and accepted at most every retail or department store, airline, hotel and motel…throughout the United States and all over the world! And if you should ever have questions or problems, you'll be dealing locally with your credit union-someone you know and trust.

Who do I contact with other VISA® card questions?

In order to serve you 24-hours a day on questions related to your HV VISA® account, we've partnered with a trusted company for service on our HV VISA® credit cards. 
  • Activate your VISA® card, call (800)456-6870
  • File a dispute for your VISA® card, call (800)600-5249
  • Report your VISA® card lost or stolen, call (800)991-4961
To apply for a new HV Platinum VISA® credit card, request a line of credit increase/decrease, transfer a balance, change your name or address, or add/remove a joint owner, please contact HV directly.

Is there a limit to the number of times per day I can use my card ?

For your protection, we limit your daily transactions on your credit card to 9.  If your credit card was lost or stolen, the access to fraudulent transactions would be limited.