Skip-A-Payment Form

Skip-A-Payment Form

Skip A Payment Form


There is a fee per loan for this service that must be paid at time of processing. Please see our Fee Schedule for the current Skip-A-Payment fee. By skipping a payment, the payment will be deferred and extended to the end of the original term of the loan (s). Interest will continue to accrue on the unpaid balance(s) during this period. All other terms and provisions of the original loan agreement are unchanged. Regular payments made through Direct Deposit or Payroll Deduction will be deposited into your Share Account for the skipped month only. Loans for which any payment has been 30 days late in the last 12 months are not eligible. When we process your Skip-a-Payment transaction, we will skip the payment(s) for the loan you have selected (one payment if payment is due monthly, two payments if due bi-weekly or semi-monthly, and four payments if due weekly). A payment cannot be skipped within the first six months of a new loan. We reserve the right to limit the number of skipped payments granted per year. Real estate secured loans may Skip-a-Payment once per 12 month period. Open-ended loans such as Home Equity Lines of Credit, Personal Lines of Credit and VISA accounts are not eligible to Skip-a-Payment. All other loans may be skipped twice per 12-month period, but not less than 90 days apart. Certain restrictions apply to qualify to Skip-a-Payment.

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