Personal Loans

Personal Loans

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Personal Loans

Just what you need, when you need it.
Need extra money? HV makes it easy with a Personal Loan that can help with everyday situations, like school expenses, vacation, cash management, home improvements, special events, or unplanned expenses.
  • No collateral needed
  • Flexible terms up to 60 months
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Easy payment options
  • Budget easily with a fixed term and fixed rate, and know exactly what you're paying each month
  • Secure the money you need today - Apply 24 hours a day online

Debt Consolidation Loans

Consolidate your high interest loans and save!

While it's true that you can't borrow your way out of debt, consolidating all of your high interest loans into one HV Debt Consolidation loan with a great rate could save on the amount of interest you're charged on your debts each month, which can add up fast!

Plus, HV Debt Consolidation loans have a fixed interest rate and your loan principal goes down as you make your loan payments-so you can stop your high interest credit card debt from spiraling out of control.
  • Unsecured loans up to $30,000 to pay off higher rate loans & credit cards
  • One low fixed, monthly payment
  • Competitive interest rates with flexible terms up to 60 months
  • Limit those endless payments NOW!

More Debt Consolidation Options

Each person's situation is different. This being the case, no single loan or credit line is suited for every debt consolidation need. We have many options for refinancing existing debt, so we find it most useful for you to talk with one of our Loan Officers, who make it their business to know all of the best ways to help you get debt under control. Below are some ways that our members have used our lending solutions to refinance existing debt.

Ways we help members reduce and consolidate debt

Option How it's been used for debt consolidation
Refinance your home If you own or are buying your home, refinancing your current mortgage may be an option for consolidating other debts. After all, mortgage loans usually offer the lowest possible rate, plus tax advantages. Contact a Loan Officer to explore refinancing options and see if this might be a debt consolidation solution for you.
Tap into home equity If you have equity in your home, one of our Home Equity Loans or Credit Lines might be a solution to check into. We offer a variety of Home Equity Loans and Lines which may come with tax advantages*.
Refinance with a HV Platinum VISA Credit Card Our HV Platinum VISA Credit Card gives you an extraordinary advantage when it comes to balance transfers. Since there are no sneaky introductory rates, no annual fee, no cash advance fees and a fixed rate, our HV Platinum VISA Credit Card offers a truly low-cost way to pay down those higher-rate debts that you have elsewhere.
Check into Vehicle Equity On occasion, we can allow people with limited credit opportunities to use vehicle equity value to secure a loan. Using a vehicle as collateral on a secured loan can help a struggling member pay off other debts at a much more affordable rate. Contact us about it!
Credit Help Access our confidential financial guidance and education for free with no-obligation through our Credit Check-up.

Credit Builder Loan Program

A good credit history is vital to your financial health. But how can you build one if you have experienced poor payment history or have no credit history at all? At HV our Credit Builder Loan Program can help you improve your credit score in as little as 6 months. No gimmicks!

Our Credit Builder Program is a combination loan and savings program that helps you establish a good payment history, an important step in building a higher credit score.

Here's how it works:
  1. You borrow from $500 to $1,000 with for a term of 6 months to 1 year.
  2. The money you borrow is then placed in a HV Savings Account for you and earns interest.
  3. You make monthly principal and interest payments to repay the amount you borrow and once the loan is repaid in full, you can withdraw the funds or leave them invested in your account.
*Example loan payment schedule: A $1,000 Credit Builder Loan with an APR of 17.90% for 12 months has an approximate monthly payment of $91.60.

By the end of the Credit Builder Program you should see an improved credit score (based on your payment history) and you'll have a jump start on savings!

Pay Yourself First. When you make your monthly payments, you'll also build a habit of putting something aside each paycheck. "Paying Yourself First" is a great habit for building a brighter future.
  • Another loan will not be granted until the Credit Builder Loan Program is completed and paid in full
  • All applicants must be in good standing with HVFCU
  • Applicants must have the capacity to repay the loan
If you need to rebuild/build your credit rating, Heritage Valley can help.

Savings or Certificate Secured Loans

HV's Savings or Certificate account-secured loans are a cost-effective way to obtain the cash you need to meet your financial needs without raiding your savings. So while leaving your savings in place, you continue to earn dividends, while taking advantage of using the loaned funds. You can borrow against your HV Certificate or Savings account balance for just about any purpose. And with HV you can count on competitive rates along with flexible repayment options designed to make your life easier.

Qualify for a very lowest interest rate if you pledge* funds from your HVFCU Savings Account or Certificate(s).
  • Borrow between $500 and the total of your funds on deposit with HVFCU
  • Various terms available
  • Make your monthly payments by check, payroll deduction or automatic withdrawal
*"Pledging" means you may not withdraw the pre-specified amount until your loan is repaid in full. In some cases, the Credit Union may agree to release all or part of the pledged amount before it is fully repaid.
APR= Annual Percentage Rate. 7.99% APR reflects a discount of 0.50% for automatic payments. Minimum loan amount is $500. A Share Account (membership) with a minimum deposit is required upon loan approval. All loans subject to credit approval. Rates based on credit worthiness so your rate may differ. Credit restrictions apply. See credit union for details.