Partner with HV

Partner with HV

In today's work environment, it is critical for employers to attract and retain top quality talent. As part of a business, you know an attractive benefits package can give you the recruitment and retention edge you need.

Heritage Valley FCU has been providing the York Community and over 200 of its companies with financial services and security since 1935. We'd like to extend this opportunity to your employees and their families.

Become A Hero…Enhance Your Benefits Package too!

Your employees depend on you for the benefits that will safeguard them and their families now and into the future. Unfortunately, you are also probably well aware that the skyrocketing costs of providing these benefits can add up quickly, regardless of the size of your workforce.

What you may not know is that by becoming a HV Partner Group, you can add all the opportunities and advantages that come with credit union membership to your benefits package at no cost to you and without the need to switch your business accounts! This is a benefit for your employees, one that will make you look like the HERO because you're demonstrating to them that you care about their financial well-being by partnering with a financial partner they can trust and will help save them money and make their paychecks go farther!

More than Just a Place to Deposit Their Checks

Being a HV Partner Group means more than just having a place for your employees to deposit their paychecks. Unlike other financial institutions, credit unions are built on the philosophy of "people helping people" - a cooperative spirit that means your employees can build a financial relationship - and a future they can depend on. In fact, according to Consumer Federation of America (a non-profit organization representing the interests of consumers), "credit unions provide enormous benefits for consumers, particularly those with lower incomes who are unable to pay the substantially higher fees and interest rates charged by banks."

The HV Difference

Backed by over 75 years of experience, Heritage Valley FCU delivers high-quality service through attractive savings, checking and loan programs designed to assist members in building a better financial future. We are pleased to invite your organization to consider becoming a Heritage Valley FCU Partner Group.

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How Will Employee's Benefit?

For years, credit unions have been the top-rated financial institution among consumers because of lower interest rates on loans, higher savings rates, discounted fees, and personalized local service. As a member of Heritage Valley, your employees will find the purchase power of their paychecks is greater thanks to our low rates on loans and credit cards. They will also discover HV has a variety of accounts designed to enable their money to work harder for them. In addition, thanks to HVmobile banking, HV@Home online banking, Phone Banking, your employees will enjoy the ability to access their accounts anytime, anywhere!

Additional advantages your employees will receive:

What's Your Responsibility?

Very few! Certainly, as a FREE benefit, there is no financial obligation to your organization. And there's no need to transfer your business accounts. HV will handle all the aspects of the original promotion and enrollment. We ask only that your organization support HV by distributing the provided information to all existing employees, as well as to any new employees the organization hires.

Then, a contact person that you designate within your organization will be responsible for all correspondence and for keeping additional membership packets on hand. We will be happy to provide you with these as well as payroll stuffers and articles for your internal newsletter. These will help keep everyone informed about current promotions and benefits the credit union is offering. Our HV representatives will always be available to answer any questions you or your employees may have.

Ready to Get Started?

Are you excited? WE ARE! We couldn't be happier that you're interested in enhancing your benefits package by offering Heritage Valley FCU to your employees. We thank you for your interest and your employees will too!

To get started, simply complete the 'Partner Group Request Form' and we'll contact you! Or if you prefer, you're welcome to contact our Business Development Coordinator to get started by calling (717)840-4981 ext.252 or email

Partner Group Request Form


If you're already one of our Partner Groups and have questions or need more materials,or if you're not yet a Partner Group but have questions or would like additional information about how Heritage Valley FCU can enhance your benefits package, please contact our Business Development Officer by calling 717-840-4981 ext.252 or email

For Employees

Employees of Heritage Valley FCU's Partner Groups are offered Heritage Valley membership as a special benefit that includes an exclusive membership package, on-site visits from HV employees and financial education options. Not sure if your employer is a Heritage Valley FCU Partner Group? Contact us or your HR department today!


We understand. If your employer is not a Heritage Valley FCU Partner Group and you think they should be, please click on the Referral Form button below. If your referral results in a successful relationship with your company, we'll reward your kindness with $25! You win, HV wins, the company wins, it's a WIN-WIN-WIN!

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