Online Bill Payer

Online Bill Payer

Online Bill Payer Benefits:                

  • Saves paper
  • Saves stamps
  • Same-day payment option*
  • Payments can be scheduled in advance
  • No risk of checks getting lost in the mail
  • Pay bills and view history via our mobile banking app
  • It's FREE!

Voice Bill Pay

Use Voice Bill Pay to pay your bills

 Enable iPay Quickpay Skill

What is Voice Bill Pay? 
A Voice Bill Pay skill, like iPay QuickPay, is a voice-driven capability that enables you to access certain information about your Heritage Valley FCU bill pay account on your Alexa-enabled device.

Once you’ve enabled the skill, you can ask Alexa to make a payment, provide payment history and check scheduled payments.

How do I get started with iPay QuickPay?
You will need an online bill pay account to start using iPay QuickPay. If you don’t have an account with free bill pay, please click here to get started.

Then you’ll need to add Alexa to your bill pay account. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to Online Banking
  2. Select “Manage Payments” and then select the “My Account” tab
  3. Go to the Voice Bill Pay section and select the “Add Alexa” link
  4. Answer the challenge phrase questions
  5. Enter your email address and create a password, then click "Submit"

 Now it’s time to link your bill pay account to iPay QuickPay:

  1. Within the Alexa App on your mobile device, search for the iPay QuickPay skill and choose “Enable”
  2.  When prompted, enter the credentials you created in bill pay to begin linking your bill pay account to iPay QuickPay
  3. Create a 4-digit PIN that you will remember since it will be requested every time you launch iPay QuickPay
  4. Now you can say, “Alexa, start iPay QuickPay”

How do I make payments with iPay QuickPay? 
Just tell Alexa the payee you’d like to pay, the amount of the payment and the payment date.