Online Banking

Online Banking

IMPORTANT: The first time you log into hv@home since the upgrade, you will be asked to select new security questions and answers. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


I do not see the hv@home login area on our web page?

This can be caused by viewing our website in compatibility view. To remove our web site from compatibility view, with Internet Explorer open, select Tools, then select Compatibility View Settings. Locate our web site under the list of sites to view in compatibility mode. Select our web site and then select remove. Close the compatibility view manager and navigate to If you need further assistance please contact a Member Service Representative at 877-214-1914.

What is the User ID found under My Profile?

For enhanced security, you can create a User ID that you can use to log into your account so you no longer have to use your account number. If you have more than one account with Heritage Valley you must create a unique User ID associated with each of your accounts. 

Why can I not create my own security questions?

One of the improvements in security was to eliminate the ability to create your own security questions. The primary reason we took this action was to combat key logging software. Key logging software can be used to record every keystroke you make on your keyboard. By eliminating the ability to type the answers to your security questions, key logging software will no longer work to capture this information.   

What if I cannot remember my security questions?

Please contact a Member Service Representative at 877-214-1914 and we can reset your questions.

What internet browsers are supported?

We support Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. For your protection we recommend you ensure you are using the most recent version of the browser you are using.