Loan Rates

Loan Rates

All rates and yields stated below are subject to change.

Vehicle Loans

Annual Percentage Rate
up to 100% financing
**Up to 48 Months **49-60 Months **61-72 Months **73-84 Months
2018-2019 model year As low as 2.49% 3.49% 3.99% 4.49%
2015-2017 model year As low as 2.99% 3.99% 4.49% 4.99%
2012-2014 model year As low as 3.49% 4.49% 4.99% 5.99%
2009-2011 model year As low as 3.99% 4.99% 5.99% 6.99%

First Mortgage Loans

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Product Interest Rate APR
30-year Fixed 4.625% xx.xx%
20-year Fixed 4.250% xx.xx%
15-year Fixed 3.750% xx.xx%

Interest rates and annual percentage rates (APRs) are based on current market rates, are for informational purposes only, are subject to change without notice and may be subject to pricing add-ons related to property type, loan amount, loan-to-value, credit score and other variables—call for details. This is not a credit decision or a commitment to lend. Depending on loan guidelines, mortgage insurance may be required. If mortgage insurance is required, the mortgage insurance premium could increase the APR and the monthly mortgage payment. Additional loan programs may be available. APR reflects the effective cost of your loan on a yearly basis, taking into account such items as interest, most closing costs, discount points (also referred to as “points”) and loan-origination fees. One point is 1% of the mortgage amount (e.g., $1,000 on a $100,000 loan). Your monthly payment is not based on APR, but instead on the interest rate on your note.

Second Mortgage Loans

Term Interest Rate
Up to 60 month term As low as 3.99%
61 to 120 month term As low as 4.49%
121 to 180 month term As low as 4.99%

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Home Equity Lines of Credit

Rates based on Wall Street Journal Prime Rate
**As low as 5.00%

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Savings/CD Secured Loans

As low as 5.00%

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Student Loans

Determined by using the 1-Month LIBOR market index plus a margin
**As low as 6.00%

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VISA® Credit Card

As low as 10.90

Unsecured Signature Loans

Up to 60 month term **As low as 7.99%

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