Live or work in York County, PA?

Experience effortless banking right here with York County's premier credit union.

With many types of accounts and loans, Heritage Valley Federal Credit Union is your local source for making banking effortless. To us, banking is about helping you get what you want and need with easy to use accounts and effortless lending solutions.

Our lending solutions include:   

On the account side, we have everything from rewards checking, savings, youth, and health savings accounts that are all designed to simplify your life and get you on your way!

The best part? By banking with Heritage Valley Federal Credit Union, you are banking with a local institution that supports your local community and keeps your money here in the York County community. Not only do you receive great benefits such as competitive rates and many different accounts and loans to help your financial well-being, you are supporting a financial cooperative. 

Bottom line…the more our members utilize our services, the more benefits to our members and the community. THAT’s effortless banking. We look forward to having you be a part of something bigger than banking!