First-Time Car Buyer Program - Let's Get Started!

First-Time Car Buyer Program - Let's Get Started!

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Our First-Time Car Buyer Loan program is designed for the first-time car buyer who may have difficulty obtaining a loan because of limited credit or no credit history at all. This loan not only funds the purchase of your vehicle with manageable terms and a competitive rate, but also provides the opportunity to establish a positive credit history in the process. Complete the form to get started!

*Loan program designed for first-time car buyers. Requirements of the program include must be a current member of HV in good standing, a minimum down of 10% of the purchase price is required, maximum loan amount is $15,000, maximum loan term 60 months if over $10,001 / 48 months if $10,000 or less. Vehicle must be less than 7 years’ old with less than 100,000 miles at time of purchase from a licensed auto dealer. Borrower must complete the First-Time Buyer quiz with the guidance of a HV staff member. Borrower must not have a credit score or if a credit score is established must have no negative credit records, including medical, student loans, collections and public records and must never have financed an auto in their name. Borrower must provide proof of income, residence and auto Insurance with HV listed as lien holder prior to funding. Borrower must possess a valid driver’s license and also be employed for 12 months or if less than 12 months must have a qualified co-signer. All loans subject to credit approval. 

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