Free Instant Issue VISA Debit Card

Free Instant Issue VISA Debit Card

Safety & Convenience

You can receive a HV VISA® Debit Card before you leave our lobby! No more waiting for that new card to arrive in the mail. You can immediately access your funds with our instant issue card!

Using your HV VISA® Debit Card is safer than carrying cash, more convenient than writing checks, and faster than making a trip to the credit union. Your HV debit card is accepted everywhere VISA cards are accepted, and also functions as your ATM card. 

Need to activate your Debit Card or change your PIN? Simply call (717)840-4981, option #6, then press 2 for our 24/7 Card Services automated system!

Enjoy All the Benefits

  • Convenient access to your funds with your Debit Card

  • Choose your own PIN - Want to change your PIN for any reason? Simply contact our 24/7 Card Services Automated System at (717)840-4981, option #6, then press 2. 

  • Use your card for everyday purchases

  • NO monthly service fees for Debit Card purchases when you select 'credit'

  • Leave your checks at home! Transactions are automatically deducted from your HV Checking Account

  • Make withdrawals through ATMs and point-of-purchase terminals just by opting for "debit" and entering your PIN instead of opting for "credit" and signing for your purchase.

  • Access to thousands of surcharge free ATMs!

    Locate a surcharge-free ATM

Added Online Shopping Protection

Use you card for online purchases and with the Verified by VISA® feature, you're protected against unauthorized use when you shop online at participating merchants.

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Remember to select "credit" and sign for your purchase (when you do not need cash back) to protect yourself against unauthorized transactions.